“The Authorities Using Our Vulnerable Children as Weapons Against Us”

Suffer Little Children Matthew 19-14 Autistic children – like children with other disabilities – are vulnerable.  Because they are vulnerable they need additional support.  It is part of their parent’s role to seek that support and help, as any decent parent naturally would.  So why, are there so many professionals that actively obstruct this process and refuse the help and support those vulnerable children need?

This scenario can go as far as professionals lying about parents to avoid providing needed resources, and this seems to be common, shockingly.  In the worst case scenario, children are wrongfully removed from loving and innocent parents, to prevent that family gaining access to diagnoses or resources.  Cases can be and are, fabricated against parents, using false accusations of emotional harm and MSBP/FII, abuse or neglect.

Ultimately, who suffers?  The children of course.  Those vulnerable children are being used as weapons against their parents, who are just doing what not only nature compels them to do, but government policies themselves say they should.  So how is it that such policies are being misused against so many parents?  Because there are insufficient safeguards against it.  Because professionals are given too much power, to use their ‘professional opinion’ for iniquitous reasons and not only are there insufficient safeguards, but there is almost no policing or consequences for them having done so.  Because resources are guarded so fiercely and SEN parents seen as the enemy, professional departments think nothing of covering up wrongdoing, after all, that wrongdoing is encouraged and in fact, required.  This tells you what type of people work in those roles, at best weak and putting their job first, at worst, heartless and cruel.

Regulatory bodies frequently say either that they don’t investigate individual cases, are toothless bodies in name only, or simply ignore evidence against professionals because the policies that come from the top, actively encourage or allow this behaviour.  The public are left with suing as a method of redress and how many can afford that.

The stories of parents being threatened with false accusations or removal of their children are all over blogs and parent forums.  How did we get to a situation, where so-called professionals think it’s OK, to put a family through such hell to avoid providing resources?  Everything is money-driven, we know budgets are being cut, we know savings have to be made.  So it’s far more expedient for professionals to falsely accuse parents to avoid diagnosing or supporting a child with the condition they have.  What a government this country has, where money comes before lives and wellbeing.  How short-sighted and ironic.  The same government which penalises and punishes the disabled through making DLA/PIP so hard to obtain or keep.  Surely by providing the support that vulnerable children need is a long-term investment, because they may then do so well that they don’t need to seek disability benefits as adults.

How do these policy makers and professionals sleep easy at night, knowing they are condemning innocent children who are already disadvantaged by their disability, to serious struggles and gross detriment to their mental health and wellbeing?  Do they think that falsely accusing parents isn’t going to impact their children?  Obstructing and causing stress to parents is only going to be detrimental to them, and to leave their child without the support they need is obviously likewise going to put their children through a negative experience.  Many SEN parents can testify that when it boils down to it, the professionals who claim on paper that they put the wellbeing and outcomes of these children first, do absolutely nothing of the sort.  They are using our children as weapons against us.

Whether it be by employing LA educational psychologists who, despite claiming ethics and independence, write reports that deliberately do not accurately represent the child’s true needs, or by trying to force parents to send vulnerable children into unsuitable mainstream placements, or forcing parents to SENDIST leaving their children suffering during the whole drawn-out process, by refusing to assess for an EHCP, by forcing parents into obtaining private reports to get what their child needs – or by actively making false accusations against parents and destroying families.  Money is the root of all evil (Timothy 6:10).

And sadly, for the sins of those who put money first: Suffer the little children…(Matthew 19:14)


3 thoughts on ““The Authorities Using Our Vulnerable Children as Weapons Against Us”

  1. You made a slight mistake with 1 Timothy 6:10. It’s the ‘love’ of money that’s the root of all evil 🙂
    I understand the Governments need for trying to cut back and reduce the nations deficit, and I accept that we all need to tighten our belts a bit, but the way they are doing it is dreadful. I’ve just had my DLA withdrawn and my claim for PIP rejected, even after an appeal. It seems so arbitrary too. For example I have AS and COPD, they both clearly cause me problems but apparently not enough to warrant financial assistance. But someone else I knew with AS only, whose problems are less than mine, had no trouble at all receiving PIP. I’ve read of others with severe COPD being turned down for PIP, yet others again with less difficulties receiving PIP. It just doesn’t make sense.
    I have just finished reading Neurotribes, and the ending leaves the subject on something of a positive note, as if everything is coming together for us in society now. But it most certainly isn’t.

  2. …it was intended as an abbreviated quote, and what was most important was the source of the quote, but I appreciate your Aspie need for correctness as I am the same. I’ve heard of many cases like yours Tim, it’s very wrong. If you have a further right of appeal and you haven’t already, I would suggest obtaining the assistance of an organisation such as Benefits and Work as they claim many successes. Ironically it’s people like Steve Silberman that I believe are partly responsible for the attitude that Asperger’s is “just a difference” and not a disability (which of course suits the authorities very nicely as they want to prevent people getting benefits). You must have deficits that negatively impact your daily life to receive a diagnosis, it’s not good praising the ‘gifts’ that Asperger’s can bring without acknowledging the disability side of it too.

  3. I was diagnosed with Autism at very early age and the special school did little to help.

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