The Mother who was strong, now broken.

Tragic – but so close to home for so many parents of special needs children. A barbaric state who sees disabled people as an inconvenience and an annoyance. Amazed this lady wasn’t falsely accused of MSBP/FII too (or maybe she was for all we know) as that is the frequent go-to for professionals wanting to get shot of mothers requesting resources. I hope this lady didn’t take her life. May these professionals hang their heads in shame. Why do they let the system completely dictate their own levels of compassion and humanity? This lady could apply for Lasting Power of Attorney for her daughter so she can have a say in her care.

positive behaviour support

The following is an anonymous blog we have received from a parent. We will give the powerful messages it contains its own space and follow this with a response tomorrow.
Years of the rollercoaster. Years of lurching from one difficult situation to the next, sometimes without a break. Chronic stress. Year in year out. Unrelenting. Takes its toll.

Care Staff don’t see my history. They just see the ‘now’.

And it’s not all about my child in my life, there are other things that come along too. You can only stretch so far. You only have a certain number of spoons.

I’ve seen my GP, I’ve done the token carer’s wellbeing courses, the CBT training. But that doesn’t change the system that my daughter is in. It doesn’t change the outcome, to use their jargon.
And one day a situation comes along that is the straw that breaks the camel’s…

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