Jeremy ‘witch Hunt’ and the mother blame

Yet more of the mother blame levelled against autism families. And it doesn’t stop when they have killed your child, they have no shame, as Connor Sparrowhawk’s mother has tragically discovered.


Was reminded all week about the terrible mother blame that went on across LB’s inquest which was held a year ago. Just a few tasters:




Unspeakably awful. Again my brain weeps This is the NHS…

Sadly, blaming us has been a consistent theme since LB died. Sloven have sent extraordinary briefing reports to all and sundry blaming us for hacking into staff twitter accounts and trolling. Oxfordshire County did a corporate number with their sordid secret review of me, while one of their commissioners wrote a terrible letter tearing me to shreds (I’ve never met the woman who is apparently deeply christian).

Jeremy Hunt seems to have joined the blame brigade now. He was interviewed by David Fenton in a bizarre piece on BBC South last night. Between them, pushing a ‘witch hunt’ version of events. Fenton even described how Sloven staff are too scared to go out with their…

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2 thoughts on “Jeremy ‘witch Hunt’ and the mother blame

  1. Blaming is there way of transfering guilt. The law has given impunity to dr to take our vunreble autistic kids and use them as guinea pig until they die. We know it they know it the govenment knows it. Yet we sit here and don’t protest. News papers and media needs to repro more .please arrange a.protest outside no 10 . The.only blame we are at is.not rallyin and.protesting. no wonder parents are being blamed. The system is telling us if theres a.problem you’d have made a song and dance about it not layer down quitly and complicitly

    1. You can have a voice on Twitter and Facebook, contact ministers and start petitions. There are a lot of people who would join in and who are already campaigning. The media is controlled so not much help from them. I replied to your other comment below the CoP post.

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