“Art of Autism” Blogger Awards 2017

shy-grinning-emoticonIf anyone has ever appreciated any of my blog posts please consider voting for me here: http://the-art-of-autism.com/vote-for-your-favorite-female-autistic-blogger-for-2017/. I’ve never been nominated for a bloggers award before!

I never really check blog follows statistics, but I know there are a few of you out there.  So if any of my posts have struck a chord with you, given you a helpful insight, been a topic for debate, or anything at all – I would appreciate your vote.

Some of my most popular blog posts have been:

But there is a wide variety on the blog, some of which have been topics I have never seen discussed elsewhere.

I’m normally very behind-the-scenes and ‘hide my light under a bushel’ and therefore my blog is (as far as I am aware), not one of the high profile ones, so I thought I’d break the habit and suggest nominating and voting for me as I’m currently in need of a boost!  It will hopefully also spread awareness of autistic issues from perspectives that may not be found elsewhere and if that helps even one person, it will be worth your vote.

Many thanks!

Another autism poem…

illegal aliens

Illegal Aliens

They know not us, we are other, us alone

Separate, different, alien, unknown

Judging by rules made for the masses of same

Thinking in their boxes, like a runaway train

The army is building, the new breed it has come

This world of wrongness will become, undone

Like the fly in the ointment, we exist we are real

Ignoring us easily, like it’s no big deal

Huddling together against our kind

You live in the chains of your minds

Despite how hard it is struggling through

I’d rather be like me, than be like you

Pretending to be one of you, to merge

Whilst inside, I feel myself want to surge

Societies that are blind, crumble in the end

Let us show you the way, let us, you mend