Psychological Damage Caused By Using Government Disability Support Services

We must all continue to speak out about this problem.  The authorities much more often than not cause problems and distress for families with disabilities.  They make things so much more difficult and criticise and undermine parents wrongly.

Autism & Oughtisms

Before I was a mother of an autistic child, I had certain presumptions about the services a family like mine would be entitled to. I thought mothers who had to quit their jobs to look after their high needs children full-time would get a benefit that would cover basic expenses, similar to what you might get from an unemployment benefit. I was wrong. I thought schooling support would be automatic and cover the child’s basic needs. I was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things, and yet somehow it still manages to surprise me when I encounter major short-falls in a system that is supposedly in existence to help the neediest members of society. This post though is not about that short-fall in itself, it is about the damage that gets done to those who have to access and navigate the system, in order to squeeze out inadequate…

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2 thoughts on “Psychological Damage Caused By Using Government Disability Support Services

  1. I love your blog, extremely well written and raises important issues about the “professionals” and “educators” that need to be in the public domain. Well done

  2. Thanks Sema. It looks like you might be referring to my reblog of “Autism & Oughtisms” blog post above as opposed to my own posts, I’m sure the comment will link in to her blog somehow.

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