Petition to make it a prosecutable offence for state & social care employees to make false records regarding patients


Petition to make it a prosecutable offence for state & social care employees to make false records regarding patients

This is an issue which particularly affects people such as those on the autistic spectrum, who are often misunderstood and misrepresented by GPs, mental health workers and other health care and social care professionals, which can have far-reaching effects on their lives and those of their families.  Sadly, there are state workers who abuse their position of power and they are not held accountable for these gross breaches.  It’s time for this to stop.  Autism is not a mental health problem, it is a neurodevelopmental difference.  Autistic behaviours are not behaviours of mental illness.  The system protects state employees who commit these abuses, which they sometimes do because they take the position that no-one will believe the patient due to their condition.  False attribution of mental health conditions to those who don’t have them, is appalling and must be stopped.  The only current recourse outside of court, is to complain resulting in annotation BUT NOT AMENDMENT of your records, which can easily be made to look as if you are just a sour individual who doesn’t agree with their truthful entries.  This is a travesty and such records follow people for their lives and any other professional looking at those records later will draw conclusions based on what they read, and there is no guarantee they will read any annotation the patient has submitted.  For someone who is a parent, those records can be used to destroy their family.  Under the Data Protection Act 1998 it is an offence to keep records that are not accurate and factual, but this law is not being adhered to by many state employees.  It is time justice was done on this issue.

Please see this link showing why there is a need to sign this petition and protect us all.–Are-doctors-writing-lies-medical-notes-line-pockets.html


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